The Salat Magazin is an independent artistic publication by Yuni Hwang and Roland Nils Sonnabend, who study @Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.
They are presenting future famous artists. It ś an exhibition on paper. It ś a magazine. It ś a piece of art. It ś everything and nothing. But most of all it is nice. They are doing it because they like it. Some say that god spoke to them in a dream and told them to do the magazine.

And then they said alright why not, but we make our own rules. Others argue that they were kidnapped (or rather geniusnapped) by aliens, who implanted the idea into their brains, because no human being could ever come up with an idea as awesome as that. Or maybe they are just coming from a future civilization, which could explain why they are so ahead of their time. However the third issue of Salat Magazin is called photophoto. As you can see it ś all about photography.

It gives you divine blissful joy like no magazine ever has before.